Who are we?



 Health and Beauty is not only my business, but also a lifelong dream becoming a reality. As a divorcee, foreign woman, with a child and a very elderly father who I have solely looked after since 2012; it has been challenging to achieve my dream, but I am well on my way and ever so optimistic that the best is yet to come.

As the name of my business suggests, we are focused on the beauty sector, but our approach is from the healthy point of view. In other words, we help with skin conditions like acne, pigmentation or just aging. How do we do this? By helping your own skin recover through the stimulation in the production of collagen by your own body. 

We also offer other treatments for the body, such as fat removal and skin tightening in any part of the body. We focus on proven treatments that aim at giving lasting results not temporary. 

In addition, we have strong ethical believes and responsibility about the products we use and sell in our business. We are very conscious and proactive about ensuring that they are not tested in animals. As an animal/nature lover myself, I can attest about this commitment and if you will visit me, you are likely to confirm this when you meet my hostess, Luna, my sweet little dog. 


My Lovely Place


 My Beauty clinic is n 1087 Christchurch Road. BH7 6BQ.

Here, you will find free parking space.

I am just 5 minutes from the A3.

If you are coming by bus, you need to take the 1A or 2.

Health and Beauty has 4 treatments room and 1 hair salon. 

My dog



My little dog is called Luna, no because She is Lunatic but because she gives Light in the dark with her good energy and happiness.

Sometime, I did bring this little sweet to work with me, so please, do not be surprised and be opened to get a warm welcome from her.


Dora Toke


As a schoolgirl, I was very interested in beauty and good looks,
then I decided to work in the beauty industry.
I started my studies at Tama Cosmetics in 1997, and started working as a nail artist
In 1999, I was tested as a make-up tattoo at the Baalbeck cosmetics company. In 2003, I graduated as a cosmetologist at Marika Koós, then
In 2005, I made my make-up examinations at Masc Makeup School.
In 2008, I got my 3D eyelash exam at Baalbek.
I have always done my studies and my work with passion and I am very grateful to Larion Oscar, Maybelline's make-up master who helped me to become a make-up artist for Loreal and Maybelline.
During my twenty years of career I have gained experience in many different fields,
such as theaters, opening ceremonies, beauty queen elections, fashion shows, including Marie Claire, Elle, Swarovski, Tamás Király, Mark Lakatos ...
I was working on photo shoots, my audience for newspapers like Joy, Cosmopolitan, Hot Magazine.
My interest and passion is not to lose my continual training to give my guests the best, whether it is a wedding make-up on the big day or a beauty advice, I am waiting for everyone.

Dora Toke's job as make up artist


I have worked for different magazines like Cosmopolitan, Hot Magazine, Marie Clarie, Elle, Swarovski, Tamas, Kiraly, Mark Lakatos. 

14 years experience in Loreal and Maybelline

Dora Toke's job as Semipermanet make up artist and eyelashes technician


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